ISO 9001:2008
BS OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 14001:2005
EN 1090-2
EN ISO 3834-2

Main Activities

The main activity of STRIMONA is the production of steel elements from sheet and rod steel, hot rolled and cold formed profiles. All these elements are widely used in the production and construction of steel structure industrial buildings; production of customized equipment; production of equipment and machinery consumables/parts for the mining industry, road and motorway construction, equipment used in the processing of excavation of earth masses; machinery for demolition of reinforced concrete structures, etc.

The main business of STRIMONA is complemented with assembly and construction and installation work services. The company deals with its own equipment which includes oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, bending and welding. Another part of STRIMONA is business is design and production of elements with parameters or according to drawings provided by the client.

The production department in STRIMONA can even produce an element on a sample given by the client.

STRIMONA is also working in the construction field, building solid buildings with its own team of workers. The company has the capacity and finds realization in the machine building, shipbuilding, car building, etc. by production of elements and structures used in these industries.