ISO 9001:2008
BS OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 14001:2005
EN 1090-2
EN ISO 3834-2
What we can offer to our clients?

STRIMONA is specializing in design, prefabrication and installation of modern steel buildings, which are completed with a wide range of building components and solutions.
The company develops, produces in its own factory shop and merchandise complete construction solutions for industrial steel buildings, which are with an extremely wide range of application related to the buildings designation like wholesale and logistic centers, industrial buildings, warehouses, farm sheds and shelters, automotive centers, gas-stations and many others.
The industrial steel buildings, offered by STRIMONA have they own advantages over the conventional ones. Furthermore - the unique concept of a steel building guarantees an extremely fast, cost-saving and trouble-free construction process.
We serve our clients in Bulgaria and Europe. Clients who desire a modern design of their building and at the same time willing to achieve best functionality, short lead project time and economical investment.

What are our expectations?

We are ready to respond to inquiries and we expect an interest to be shown towards us in relation to:
  • Assign and prefabrication of steel structures for industrial buildings according design drawings of the client or our in house developments;
  • Co venture production and construction of steel structures for industrial buildings and equipment with European companies dealing in the same metalworking and construction industries.