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Outsourcing STRIMONA

The long-term plans for development and expansion of the business of STRIMONA include the company positioning on the European market with the services and products in which it is specialized, namely – steel processing and installation of steel structure based industrial buildings. The projects realized by STRIMONA in Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia give us a reason to believe that our status on the market, the things we do and the prices at which we offer our services are extremely competitive and offer incredibly good opportunities to the investors. At the same time STRIMONA achieves an increase in the volume of its production and the services offered, in the form of steel processing and installation, compared to previous period, it gained the necessary self-confidence and experience in the field of steel processing and production of steel structures for industrial buildings. And this is happening in the real conditions of world economic crisis.

Based on all above mentioned factors, combined with the production capacities presented in this site, as well as the equipment and personnel available we believe that STRIMONA is the company which would give an adequate solution of the issues connected with your idea for outsourcing and your partner for a profitable cooperation.